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Best Wearable Fashion Trends - The Ones You Should Follow This Year

The New Year has ushered and the minds are running towards grabbing the new fashion trends and ideas to fill the wardrobe that is going to define your fashion sensibility and the newness of your personality.

Form Milan To New York fashion week, you have looked at a dizzying variety of clothes, styles, and statements. While some projected the extraordinary nature of the art, quite a few stuck to the old traditional ideas and some adventurous designers went too far bringing the plastics for stormy weather.

And then, of course, you have the social media like Facebook and Pinterest defining their own trends. So many ideas, limitless inspiration, uncountable styles; things are getting complicated. We looked into everyone’s viewpoint and tried to comprehend the idea of fashion that you should be following this year.

But to our surprise, we discovered that there is no exact idea that can give you that glamorous or adorable look that you wish. There is no harm or never too late to prepare the wish list. Here we bring the latest fashion trends that are poised to take center stage.

The All-New Trenches:

The traditional trenches have somehow managed to retain their frontier of as the stylish outfit; however, this season, they have evolved with different manifestations. The new cuts, ruffles, and feathers will have something to express this season.

The Fringe Way:

Quite a number of fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Dior dominated the runway with variously styled fringes that were broadly found on bags, trimmed tops, and skirts. You have a fair chance of impressing your peers with these new fringes. Make a choice and you are not going to get disappointed.

The Logo Craze:          

Can you spend a little time looking at the Pinterest feeds? Well, if you can, then you are bound to discover that logo-mania that was prevalent in the '90s and early 2000s is coming back; those logos that you loved are still the same and they probably have evolved over the years as a brand but the iconography they portrayed in those days still remains intact; yes, it is time to be brand-fascinated.

Love for the Layers:

The layers are the probably the supreme ways of adding some expression to your look. Yeah, the long layered clothes are becoming the hot fashion topic of this year especially the kimonos and below-the-knee-sweaters will be seen on the streets.

The Inquisitiveness of the art fusion:

This season the runways have witnessed a staggering amount of art infused collection; be it the Andy Warhol inspired dress from the Versace or the cartoon embellished pieces from the Prada. Art is definite wearable; perhaps, it is beyond your perception of art in the fashion.

The Slits Are Offbeat:

The straightforward and simple details on the mini dresses, tracksuits and on the tunics can bestow you the faltering and unusual edge. Most of the fashion conscious people love those “slide slits”. You might want to try it this year and make a statement, especially on Pinterest.

Lavish leather:

The leathers are going to dominate streets; do you love that wet-look? Well, think beyond the black, the color red with those show-stopping fabrics will be the trend of the year.

The Bold and the Blue:

The fashion world seems to get back to the basics. Yeah, the vintage and vintage-inspired blue jeans are going to be the new addition to the wardrobe. It is time to go for that retro style. The past will never leave its impression and will always have a sense of exoticism and elegance.

The modernity of the micro-mini:

The boxy silhouette, the shorter hemline; get ready wear the mini dresses that are going to be the shortest this year.

The Prints:

The contrasting prints can endow you that bold look; well, it is understandable that things can be a little confusing when it comes to choosing the prints. If you are not sure about the prints that you want to wear, then start with a uniform color palate with multiple patterns or you can also go for a single print in multiple tones.

The Floral Fancy:

The retro workout gears are going complete throwback; the runways have witnessed a number of brands like Gucci dominating the runways with the ultimate fusion of high-street fashion and the gym. You can try some floral dresses this year, well, not sure, how is going to complement your style. But certainly, this will give you a unique self-expression.


The cut shoulder patterns that focus on exposed shoulders or the cropped shapes that bring out the beauty of the abs or the slogan T-shirts with visual motifs on the breast region, the showcasing of the flesh has its own style statement. You can wear bralettes over the tees or high waisted skirts.

The Yellow Effect:

The pink is somehow losing its foothold as more and more women choose bright colors that look cheerful rather than girlish; this year, the brands are going to eliminate the “millennial pink” and probably adapt to something else in terms of the color yellow.

The Funk of the Punk:

The punk look is here to stay for a long time. Yeah, they are again coming back, the red and black stripe with a hefty dose of the leopard should be added to your wardrobe. This year is going to express a bit of timelessness.

The Bohemian Vibes:

For the winter this year, you can try those leather patch-worked duster coats or south-western-inspired skirts, The Dior’s resort collection showcased a great deal of Bohemian style. So, get ready to rock your winter with some stylish coats.

The Beret:

Look at the Instagram feed or the retail outlets or online catalog, the berets are always there, but it they have always remained confined to the fashionable folks, and now they are getting that much-coveted traction and are expected to be widely accepted by people from all walks of life.

A Bit Wide is Fine:

The camp skinny jeans are taking a back step as the wide legged pants take the center stage. The wide-legged bottoms are the new fashion trend. You might want to try a wide legged pant. Not really sure, how would you rationalize this idea of fashion, but it is in the full swing.

The brands are getting more humane. Yeah, the Gucci has declared that it will stop using fur from spring 2018. Well, that sounds pretty cool. It is a sign of responsibility and more and more brands might follow its footstep.

The fashion is important, but it should not come at the cost of animals lives. You can certainly look beautiful without those fur embellished clothes. And it takes a beautiful heart to understand the beauty of life.

You can look and feel beautiful only when you learn to love and understand the beauty of life. This year pledge that you will never be the reason for an animal’s life because of your irrational idea of beauty. In fact, you can look beautiful in every dress if you know how to smile, love and embrace life.

So, go for some trendy clothes and remember that beauty depends on you, not on the clothes. Well, clothes might look fashionable but you have to be beautiful.