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Clothing Choices- A Mirror to Your Personality!

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Clothing Choices- A Mirror to Your Personality!

Your appearance, the way you dress and behave says a lot about you. This is a proven fact, and many researchers have been done on it for over the years. Ever since the ancient times, the clothes were one of the factors that decided the kind of profession a person was into. For example- the jeans were initially designed for the factory workers and were their uniform. The school uniforms let us know that the person is a student or the suits give us an impression that a person is a businessman or an office goer. Similarly, there is a lot that your clothes can say about you. In this article, we will cover all the things that you need to know about How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect your personality. So if you are interested to know How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Personality, read the below article carefully.

What are the scientific proofs

A clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner who studied a lot of people all throughout her career wrote a book on this phenomenon known as “You are what you wear: what your clothes reveal about you.” This is a book where she explains how one's shopping and clothing choices determine their personality. She has also given it a term, and as per her it is called “psychology of dress.” She says in the book that our psychology and clothing choices are closely related and with the help of the clothing choices of a person, major psychological issues about them can be known and treated. This is a big revelation in the field of psychology.

How Does It Affect The Personality?

Your style and color choices can directly affect and reflect your moods. This is a very common phenomenon that most of us have experienced in our day to day lives. On the days when we are feeling cheerful and happy, we tend to gravitate towards the bright and bold colors. However on the days, we feel sad or less confident about each other, we often tend to wear shades of blacks and greys. These are the small indicators that the clothing choices that we make are sure to reflect our moods. But this is not as simple as we think. The scientific name for the behavior is called “enclothed cognition.” The term was given by two professors from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwest University. They find out in their research that two factors are involved in this behavior- the physical experience of wearing clothes and their symbolic nature. An experiment was done on a group of people who were further divided into three different groups.

The first group was given lab coats like the doctors, the other was given coats that the painters wear, and the last one was given no coats. The people wearing doctor’s coats showed a sudden increase in their attention span in comparison to the other two. This means that the people with the doctor’s coats had some effects from the cloth they were wearing which lead to this change in them. So, there is a possibility that sometimes when a person puts on a piece of clothing, they also adopt some traits of the person they think should be wearing the cloth unintentionally. This is a casual phenomenon that we see. On the days we are more dressed up, we feel more responsible and active. However, in the casual clothes, we feel more relaxed and find it difficult to concentrate. Hence it is important for you to get up and get dressed every day if you want to achieve something great in life.

Your Clothes Say A lot To You And Not About You


In the experiment from the Northwestern University where the coats made people’s attention span grow considerably, we can conclude that the clothes say a lot about the people and not about them. Lab coats made the people feel as if they were smart or intelligent whereas the other coats did not make the wearers feel intelligent and hence their attention span did not budge. Hence the kind of clothes that you put on can be a great way to trick your mind into doing greater things.

How Can Clothing Tell The Good and Bad?

The question here is how you can tell who is good and who is bad from the clothing choices they make. Well, this is really difficult to understand. However, there are some factors that can help you judge some traits of the person’s personality. For example, if people wear a classic combination of clothing such as a little black dress or a gown, this means that there is a surety that they will look good. How do we know this? Well, history told us. These piece of clothing have been worn by the people for ages and are sure to make you look good. There is not one piece of clothing that can make you judge a person’s personality. However, you can judge by the effort they put into dressing up. For example, if a person does not put enough work into their outfit usually comes as a bad person. Again, a person who tries to hide their actual personality or wear clothing that is inappropriate for their age, job, body or situation can also give an alarming message. However, the people who out in effort on their dressing are usually liked by everyone.

As we have seen in the above article that the clothes are actually a mirror into our personality and knowing How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Personality is a great way to get a hold of your personality and do much better in life. The saying “dress for the job you want” fits perfectly in this situation. If you dress up crisp and nice every day, you will surely feel more confident and will always be ready to take on the world.

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