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The fashion of wearing shorts has been prevailing amongst women for a while now. Apart from wearing shorts during Summers, women also prefer shorts during spring and autumn. They feel very cosy and loose. Your confidence level seems to reach cloud nine.

In 1900's, women used to wear shorts in public. It was later considered "not decent" by the government and laws were formulated for its ban. In the late 1960's, wearing shorts became an acceptable affair for women in public.

21st century holds many distinguished works from the past. The people have now become more ideologically open towards women clothing. Now, women can wear shorts of all sorts at any given time, anywhere. In some parts of the modern world, people still have dress code rules to follow. But the change is frequent.

Women above 40 years of age do not feel comfortable wearing shorts at home or in public, but not all feel the same. There is no rule deciding the factor for wearing shorts. All you need is a determination to pull off everything, rest follows.

These days celebrities are also supporting the cause. They prefer wearing them outside for the comfortable feel it brings. There are many types of women shorts available in the market for women of all ages.

Here is a list of few.

  • 1. The Cool Denim Shorts

  • The denim shorts are preferred every season. They are cool, funky and stylish. The length of the shorts though varies; you can always choose the mid-size. You can style them with everything you have. Shoes and top of any kind and style will make a statement, inevitably. If you want to make a change, try sleeveless for summers and full or half sleeves during spring. Wear long boots or thigh high boots. They look classy with denim shorts. Choose Denim shorts according to your body type. The perfect fit Denim Shorts can give you a classy look and can match your dressing style with celebrities.

    2. Dinosaur Print and other animal print Shorts

    Dinosaur printed shorts are preferred for casual wear whereas the Classic leopard print is amongst the favorite outworn style. It never goes out of style. You can google many stars wear animal print shorts. But dinosaur print shorts are more preferred at home or during leisure.

  • 3. The Lounge shorts

  • Summer is the best time to wear lounge shorts. They are very relaxing and perfect for outdoor summer activities. They are available in varied lengths and fittings. Choose the right fit for yourself. Lounge shorts may have some graphics on it for the more funky look. The lounge shorts can be worn anytime you want to relax.

    4. The Emoji shorts

    The emoji shorts are preferred by older women as well as young women for the happiness they bring with them. They are very basic and comfortable.

    The regular shorts are the best option to choose. You can pair them with T-shirts, tops or shirts or any other upper wear you have.

    To pull off Shorts in Public, follow these steps:


    1. You can choose any length you want to wear, but if you are still confused, you can lay you aside and keep your hands straight. Measure your fingertips on your thigh. It will be the comfortable length for your shorts.

    2. You must make sure that your shorts are not too tight for you to wear or even too loose. Mainly it should not be tight from thighs.

    3. Choose the best cloth which keeps your body in comfort zone. You can go for soft and silky stuff for the most comfort.

    4. Go for the most subtle look or the printed shorts.

    5. Do not pair your shorts with socks or high heels. The combination can become uneasy for public wearing.

    6. If you are at home, try all sorts of prints. You can go from choosing dinosaur shorts or leopard or any animal print shorts to emoji shorts to planet print shorts or any other print you like.

    Do not let your age decide which print suits you.


    Trends are not meant to be followed blindly. You should always check fabric before buying any style of shorts.

    Healthy cloth fabric keeps your skin fresh. The soft material on your skin is the most comfortable to wear and keeps you safe from the outside heat. The free cloth is best during summers.

    If you don't know how to select cloth for your shorts, go for cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is the best suited for all seasons. It is ideal for travel, yoga, and acrobatics and much more. It is an excellent choice for all the eco-conscious women.

    Also, the light colored fabric is preferred over dark colors during summers to prevent the body from heat.

    Pair your shorts with any belt or jacket or anything. You can even add a small fraction of jewelry to give a more feminine touch to your style.

    Choose wisely as ill choice can lead to a wardrobe malfunction.

    Every time I wear shorts, I feel like I'm making up for all the lost times. I don't want to pass more time sweating my underpants because of the wrong selection of shorts style and fabric.

    Age should be no bar for wearing shorts. You can’t control aging but you can control the type of clothes you wear.

    Women this season, take a pledge of wearing every style and print of shorts. Whether it is dinosaur shorts or any other animal print, or it is lace style, or denim or Bermuda shorts; all you have to do is try and go out with all those funky styles on and stand out in the crowd.

    Get inspired by the styles or inspire people with your styles.

    You have all the power to do anything because you are a WOMAN.