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Winter Clothes and Accessories to Keep You Warm This Season

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Winter Clothes and Accessories to Keep You Warm This Season

Baby, it’s cold outside; better bundle up! Around our neck of the woods, layering up in the winter can seem like a chore, but Grandma Pants is here to change that. As Minnesotans through and through, we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to winter weather. We’ve recognized the need for fun winter clothes that are both warm and stylish, and want to share the wealth! Grandma knew what she was doing years ago when she started creating unique and cozy fleece pants for her family.


Here are some of our favorite winter styles to add to your wardrobe and home, or share with someone you love:


Northern Moose. Envisioning cozy nights with the fireplace roaring and hot chocolate in hand, this family favorite is perfect for your cabin. Whether you bundle up in our popular hooded top or cuddle underneath a tie blanket with your sweetie, you’ll be glad to have the comfort of the softest fleece around.


Winter Camo. This pattern is a local favorite! Whether wrapped around you at the ice rink or on the lake ice fishing, our tie blanket will surely be a hit. Also, if you’re looking for more winter clothes to get you through the season, this pattern is available in tops, bottoms, and more.


Winter Snowmen. ‘Tis the season for jolly snowmen! Our winter snowmen patterned pants are sure to bring a smile to your face. Heck, get a pair for the whole family to really brighten everyone’s spirits when the temperature drops.


Penguin Party. You know what’ll keep you warm and bring on the fun? Penguins. Our unique and playful fleece patterned winter accessories will take any day from frigid to fantastic. Choose from a wide array of styles, including our cozy mittens, double-sided scarves, and warm winter hats.


December Blizzard. For those of you who love to embrace the beauty of winter and snow, this pattern is for you. Perfectly matched for a cold winter morning, our incredibly soft fleece robe will keep you warm and cozy. However, be warned—you may have the urge to stay in it all day!


Unmatched Quality. Ultimate Comfort.


We took a cue from our own Grandma when starting Grandma Pants here in Minnesota. Our focus is on creating fun, high-quality items for people to enjoy time after time. Also, winter weather is a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. And let’s face it; many of us secretly like it! The key to comfort in the cold are winter clothes, and that’s where we excel. Our clothes and accessories are made from 100% polyester fleece that’s sewn right here in Minnesota so you can feel good about keeping your business local.