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Our Story

Grandma Pants Our Story

The Grandma Pants story begins in 1993 when Grandma Rachel M. Anderson began making colorful fleece pants for her grandson out of her home in Northern Minnesota for Birthday and Christmas Gifts. The pants became an instant hit with her grandson and soon after, numerous other family members and friends alike began requesting these truly unique pants to be made especially for them.

Today the story continues. . . taking from Grandma Rachel's original style in fabric and creativity in her pant making we now bring these special pants across North America for all ages to enjoy. Grandma Pants are still made with the same care, attention, and style as if Grandma Rachel herself were still behind the sewing machine!

Whether you're looking for comfort on the go or comfort at your home. Grandma Pants has you covered. Search No More! This is the perfect gift for your loved ones!